Saturday, May 3, 2008

I have become ....*gasp* all those women before me...

I went shopping for some new pants recently.

Now I have to be realistic. I have gained a bit of weight since I quit smoking 8 months ago; but yay me on not smoking haha. This weight seems to think it's taken up permanent residence on my hips and ass; however, I have a newsflash for it .... YOUR DAYS ON THIS BOD ARE NUMBERED. That being said, it still sucks to try to find pants right now.

When I was younger I HAD to have the tightest fitting jeans EVER. I can remember my Dad lamenting "they show every crack in your body", and my Mom, "nice girls wear pants like these (as she handed me a pair of baggy Pulse jeans with the beautiful white piping down the side)". I didn't care what showed, or what "nice" girls wore, I was comfortable. The legs didn't twist, the pants didn't shift or ride up into nether regions in which they didn't belong, and I knew they sure as hell weren't going to fall off!

I still like my jeans snug, perhaps it's my middle-age rebellion, my personal denial if you will... but dammit, weight gain and tight jeans do not make good companions (read cottage cheese stuffed into too small sausage casing). And WHEN did I start to bloat after a dinner... bring on the Beano, my jeans aren't comfy!!

So, here I am slowly filling my closet with "middle age" wear. Baggier, softer, less rigid pants in muted hues. In fact, I've decided the baggier the better. They are comfy!!! I can move, I can sit and breathe...I can eat large meals in a single bound and not pop a button!! What more could a gal ask for.

I'm sure once I'm down to my svelte self I'll be back in my snug jeans ... but for now ... fat, middle-age wear rocks.

Screw middle-age anorexia or bulemia, I like my food too much and barfing.... well ewwwww, 'nuff said. Bring on the fat pants.... oh, and pass the fries would ya?

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