Monday, May 26, 2008

Cold Burger...Dirty Bathroom

I haven't really blogged lately. Working 12 hour days and then going home to try to spend a bit of time with my girls before it's bedtime doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging, or other Mommy pursuits for that matter. But it's my life and I like it, for the most part.

I did however make an astonishing discovery this past week. I took my ladies to Dairy Queen for supper (it was movie/treat night...a rather unexpected one but fun nonetheless). We waited forever to have our order taken, I mean I know that having FIFTY people behind the till for the whole 5 people waiting to order was probably a stretch on man resources. When we were finally able to order we went and found a table at which we sat while awaiting our food.

Of course, my bladder being what it is, decided that I needed to pee ...NOW!!!! Bathroom... STAT... do NOT pass go.... find the toilet go go GOOOOOOO. As I was getting up to make the dreaded trek to the public washroom ( I hate public washrooms) my youngest decides she has to go too. So off we went.

We entered the den of horrific-ness and I was aghast!!! There were small scraps of toilet paper all over the floor, I didn't inspect too closely to see whether or not they had been used, I just assumed and skirted around them. I instructed my daughter to do the same. Not to mention the lovely icky public bathroom smell. So as I hovered above the seat I was instructing my young'un to make sure she triple... no, quadruple layered the paper on the seat before sitting down (she hasn't mastered the hover yet).

As I positioned myself in front of the sink to wash my hands I was about to admire my stellar beauty in the mirror, however found that I was unable to. The mirror was smokey looking and spotted with water marks. The sink, well it was disgusting, picture a tub in a house full of 25 men, and it's never been cleaned .... yeah that was the sink. You could see finger paint marks in the grime where someone had obviously tried to decide whether it was dirt or sink and then left it. We hurriedly completed our business and went back to the table .... sooooo SOOOO GROSS!!!

When our food came the burgers were cold, cheese unmelted, although, my burger was cooked to well done as per my specifications; the fries were tough and chewy, the pop was set with carbonated water levels too high/syrup too low, but the onion rings were piping hot.

Kids wanted to know, wasn't I going to complain. No, in fact I was not. I really saw no point.

There was not an adult to be seen in the place aside from the patrons in the restaurant part.

You see, I discovered that our fast food restaurants have been taken over by pimply faced, squeaky voiced high school students and really, they don't care about customer service. They are merely there putting in their time. They are more concerned with gossiping/flirting amongst themselves and could really care less about taking a food order. It's almost like a school yard, with small clusters of students here and there. And when there are no adults around to guide them ... what else can we expect.

Cold burgers, filthy bathrooms and long huffing sighs accompanied by glares when heaven forbid we actually ask them to do their jobs.


Rebecca said...

I love Peanut Buster Parfaits. Also, the last time I went to Dairy Queen was in Canada. I was with an asshole Canadian boy (no offense), other than that, it was pretty good. Sorry this sucked. Oh, the waste of fat and sugar!

Jenn said...

hahahahha I am shocked (insert heavy sarcasm) that you would use asshole and Canadian boy in the same sentence!!!!

I think that is just the problem the ones who have grown up past "boyhood" are either married or gay. The ones left for the taking are not worth being caught *sigh*

Debra W said...

Oh Jenn,

What a miserable experience! Like you, I hate public restrooms! I think you should do something fun this weekend to make up for the gross experience you had at DQ! Also, if you get a moment and it would make you feel better, write a letter to DQ headquarters or forward them the link to this blog post. I am sure that they would want to know about your very negative experience, and they do owe you something to make up for it!(a few free blizzards would be nice!)


Matt said...

I will have you know miss 25 men in a tub comment...that men are far cleaner critters in public restrooms then women.

I first learned that working for the State my co-workers laughed assigning me to clean the Ladie's side during a holiday weekend. For the love of all that is holy...

Working one weekend alone at the office years later, I ventured to use the ladie's room on my floor, since the only accessble men's room required an elevator trip on the weekends. I, to this day, have not been able to purge from my memory the sites I saw.