Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It Was a Beautiful Night

The weather was gorgeous here today, so I decided that I wanted to have a wiener roast. I called up my friend Rachel to see if she wanted to join us.

She did...

The girls came in handy for collecting firewood...

Hurry... Don't take too long!! HEY quit texting... you are supposed to be gathering wood!

Ahhhhh, finally, here they come. Oooops you dropped one, pick it up!

What good wood gatherers!!

Rachel built a good fire.

We had hot dogs and s'mores.... MMMMMMMM

That's Tucco on the right there.

He only has three legs due to an accident when he was a puppy.

Tucco REALLY likes playing with Montana.

This is Montana.

She likes to play with Tucco.

She's also a pretty good kid. I love her.

Go get it Tucco!!!!!

Tucco loves fetching from the water!!

Speaking of water, look what else was in the water....

It was a great evening!!!! We were all so very glad that I had the idea to go to the pond and have a wienie roast!
A great time was had by all ....

Good friends


Beautiful girls

Couldn't ask for more

We left with full bellies and smiles!!!!!!
Saying "We'll do this again soon"


Debra W said...

Lovely photos of a wonderful day! This is my first time stopping by your blog and I will be back! Thank you for listing me as one of your favorites.


Debra W said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for the very nice comment that you left on my blog. I really appreciate your visits!


Rebecca said...

Did you like the s'mores with fudge stripe cookies? I hope so!

Jenn said...

I couldn't find fudge stripe cookies so we used Toffee Crisps made by Christie in the Peek Frean line. SOOOOO FREAKEN GOOD!!!!!