Friday, May 9, 2008


We all like to hear that we've done a good job, or someone has enjoyed something that we've created whether it be art, food, a story... it is just damn nice to know what you do is appreciated.

Tonight I arrived home from work to find an email from a hometown friend. In her email she told me how she'd spent much of her day reading through my blog. She went on to tell me how much she'd enjoyed it, singling out a few posts. She told me that I am an amazing writer and she wants more.

It warmed my heart to have this type of feedback. I mean, I type an entry and post it. Unless there are comments left by those who have read it, I am left to wonder whether or not anyone has seen it. If they did, was it enjoyed? Will they come back.

I think any type of artist, anyone who creates and then puts themselves out there by sharing their creation with others needs validation. We are fragile egos... artists. We need positive feedback, we need affirmation that we have done a good thing. Yet we would never ask for it. It is scary to share, but if you don't share what's the point of creating.

Thank you Chelle! Your words meant more than you could possibly know. They have encouraged me to be more proactive in my blogging. I may not always be interesting, but you, knowing me personally know how offbeat and zany I can be, will not be surprised by anything that comes out of my noodle.

In a world where negative commentaries are the norm ...positive feedback is a rarity. So I challenge you all to take a moment and give some positive feedback to someone, even if it's a stranger, even if it's a clerk at the store...a little encouragement can go a long way. You may never know the power of your words, but trust me when I say those words can go a long way to making someones day!

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