Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shout Out For a GREAT Customer Service!!!

Lately it seems as though we are surrounded by terrible customer service. No one seems to care anymore, they are just a warm body filling a space, collecting a paycheck. Recently I had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of some stellar customer service and I wanted to give the company a shout out. Perhaps anyone in need of the product they sell will be inclined to use their services.

My Dad started renovating his house shortly after my Mom passed away as something to keep him busy and occupy his mind. He has been plugging away at it for almost five years. Somewhere over the course of these years he purchased some ceramic tile to do the back splash in the kitchen. Fast forward to now.

He had installed his granite counter tops and began to install the ceramic tile. To his dismay he was short tiles and went to pick up some more. Uh oh... there were none to be found. He even checked in my city when he came to visit this past weekend, although he was fairly certain that he was not going to find any as the store in his hometown had told him that they were discontinued. Of course there were none in my city either.

I emailed the manufacturer with the model, color number, etc to inquire as to where these tiles might be found.

Celso Menezes, the general manager of the company emailed me back within a day. He told me that he had checked and the tiles were discontinued, however he was showing a couple of boxes in his warehouse and would ship them to my Dad free of charge. He was also willing to ship color samples to be sure they matched. I called my Dad and he was very happy. He said that he would make the tiles work even if the dye lots were a little off.

I got back to Celso Menezes to provide him with the shipping information and assured him that we would certainly be looking to his company first for any future tile needs. He told me that he would let me know as soon as the 4 boxes of tiles shipped to my father (2 plain and 2 w/the center design).

I am humbled by the generosity of this company, by the expedient nature of their reply and by their willingness to go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. THIS ladies and gentlemen is what customer service is about, it's not that yawning teenager behind the counter grimacing because he has to actually earn his pay.

Here is the link for the company:


They are based in Brazil so the site may come up in a foreign language, but down on the left side you can click for English.

Thank you again Celso Menezes and Cecrisa ... you truly brightened my day!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Energy Muse Bracelet

This entry is WAY over due, I apologize Debra.

Quite some time back I won this bracelet from Debra @ Four Angels Momma . If you've never visited Debra's blog I strongly suggest you do. Her words come from the heart and her content is always relevant to what is going on in your world on that particular day. Her words are always timely and meaningful. I believe that Debra has been given the gift of being a vessel for a higher realm, to impart wisdom and beauty in a world that all too often feels ugly and without meaning. I feel honored to be given the gift of her words each time I read her blog. Debra is truly a special individual.

When Debra had her give away for this bracelet, I knew I had to have it. I was so very happy when she notified me that I'd won, but because of her good heart she decided to give away two of the bracelets. If you are not familiar with Energy Muse bracelets I encourage you to visit their site. Each piece they sell serves a purpose. When Debra mailed the bracelets to the winners she indicated that she was sure the right bracelet would find the correct owner. She couldn't have known how true that was. The one I received is a grounding bracelet. Lately I've needed some grounding, to be reminded of what matters and what I can let go of. Of what I can change and thus should fight for and what I can't change and should just rid myself of. Each time I look at this bracelet I am reminded that miles away, on the coast of California there is a woman who cares and who is wise beyond anything. I am reminded to stop and breathe. To see the beauty in the world around me, and within me. I am reminded to love my feet (stay grounded, rooted).

I believe all things have energy and those energies can affect us in a positive or negative way. Perhaps it is because of this belief that this bracelet holds such meaning for me. I find myself searching for positive energies and ridding myself of negative energies. I am going through a cleansing phase, taking stock and ridding myself of dead weight. The city dump is going to love me!!! Spiritually as well as physically I am cleansing. Like Dharma I will find my bliss.

I just wanted to take this moment to thank Debra for being who she is. For sharing her inner beauty with all of us who choose to read her blog. For imparting her wisdom to us in such an uncannily timely manner. If I am ever offered the opportunity to walk on the beach searching for sea glass with this lady I will jump at the chance. She is definitely in my top ten list of people that I would love to share a pot of tea with!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Apologies

I have been in a funk of sorts lately.

Not sure why, there really is no one reason. Lately it seems as though life has piled up and I have felt overwhelmed and somewhat alone in my quest for balance. Due to this state of being I haven't felt like writing, I feared that anything that came from my inner self at this point would be negative and not worth reading...so I have been avoiding my blog.

I'm hoping to soon feel more like blogging.