Saturday, March 5, 2011


Recently a local columnist wrote a column regarding how people don't seem to dress up anymore. They are comfortable dining at an upscale restaurant outfitted in torn jeans, scrubby shirts and unkempt hair; oblivious to percieved rules of etiquette. I agreed with what he had written, having had similar thoughts myself upon occasion.

This week I had reason to actually have to go in to the bank, where I usually opt for the ATM or online banking this particular transaction required a teller's touch. As I stood in line I observed all the people, the tellers and the customers. As always it was a diverse bunch... the rugged outdoor workers, the pampered princesses, the probable drug users and the professional looking tellers. Perhaps that should read the professional looking tellers with the exception of the stripper wannabe.

She wore layers of tank tops with their colorful bottoms peeking out from beneath her tight cardigan; all of this atop skin tight pinstriped dress pants that rode up the crack of her bottom. Paired, of course, with sneakers... really, why not? As if this attire wasn't enough of an eye catcher sore, one was then treated to a view of her pushed up, accented by "bronzer" cleavage. Her cups definitely spill-eth over! I thought the old man she was serving was going to have a coronary, his stupor and slack jawed, drool induced gaze the sum of more than just old age I'm sure. His eyes followed her as though in a trance whenever she moved. When she stood it was chest up and out, stomach in and ass stuck back... ever seen a stripper walk?

All of this in the bank! A place where I was sure professionalism still reigned. Where the only casual day was indeed Friday. How sadly uninformed I am.

Professionalism, like manners and common sense, is dying. People no longer take pride in what they do, or what they look like. They put in their time... they exist...they just mechanically do. Like other taboos, dressing down has over taken dressing up and looking the part.

What happened? Can we get it back? I kind of miss people who give a damn!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was talking to my Aunt the other night and we were discussing life in general among other things. During this discussion I mentioned that I was finally content with my life...I hadn't consciously had this thought, it just came out, and at that moment I realized that I really was content.

I no longer look to others or situations for my happiness. I am no longer "searching" for "something". I do not feel the need to look on the other side of the fence thinking the grass is greener. My life is missing nothing...I was missing from my life. I had allowed myself to disconnect.

Once I reconnected and started living, not just existing I began to see all the blessings I had in my world. I began to appreciate and be grateful for all that I have. Through this process I have learned that there truly is something to the "Law of Attraction". The more happy and grateful I am, the more good comes my way.

This may not be the life that I had envisioned for myself, but it is the life that I am meant to be having at this moment. I am right where I am supposed to be and I am thankful for that.

Are you where you are meant to be? Are you living or existing? Are you content?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Counting My Blessings...Taking Time

Last night my kids informed me that they did not have school today and tomorrow due to Teacher's Convention, I know...I should have been paying more attention to dates; but I wasn't. Thankfully they are old enough to be on their own during the day and I did not have to seek child care.

I did not want to get out of bed this morning when it came time to get up and get ready for work. As I did my hair I thought to myself that I just could not do another day this week. I wanted to be home with my kids tomorrow. I wanted to take the time. I wanted to hang out with them. I know how quickly time passes, my "baby" is thirteen, my oldest is twenty-two next month...there will be plenty of days to work, but how much more time will I have to just kick it with my kids?

It's funny, when they were younger I took so much for granted, I didn't think I would ever forget a thing... I did not think that time would go so fast. Little did I know that I would seemingly blink and have an adult son living on his own and two daughters growing up too fast. How easily I can close my eyes and remember the day each of them was brought home, and now they are each spreading their wings, one flying solo, one ready to leave the nest and one testing her wings. I don't want to blink again.

I went to look in on the girls before leaving for work, gazing down at my two angels I realized that time was drawing short and soon they would not be near enough for me to look upon them while they slept. My decision was made.

I went to work and filled out a days off request form. I am taking a vacation day for tomorrow. I am taking the time. I am going to hang with my girls. I am looking forward to a day of pajamas, popcorn, silliness, coloring, movies and much more. It is going to be great!

I have not taken a mental health day, and really it's not a vacation day... it shall be known as my Counting My Blessings day.

How do you count your blessings? What are you doing to make the most of your time?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Things

How easy it is to overlook the simple things in life, the little things that really give it meaning and make our experience unique from others. How easy to take for granted that which we already possess, how easy to turn a blind eye to the blessings already bestowed.

Hearing my daughters laugh, seeing their beautiful faces, having the time to play games and spend quality time with them... these are my simple things these days. These are my ever gentle reminders that all too soon these moments will be but memories locked in the vault of my heart. Treasures to be taken out from time to time, smiled over with a sigh and a tear; remembering.

I have become devoted to living in the "now", focusing on what is, not what has been or will be. I find my stress levels diminishing, my tolerance increasing and my happiness constant. Learning to appreciate what is and stop wanting what was or what may be has been a painful journey, yet it has been one I am ever grateful for. I have learned to see the value in the simple things.

It is amazing, the lessons the universe has to impart when we only just slow down and listen; when we simply shut our mouths and open our ears. When we open our eyes and minds to see what has always been here for us. As I am learning to enjoy the simplicity I find all around me I feel a calmness come over me, a oneness with my surroundings.

I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with, for all that I am able to give back.

What is your simplicity? Are you hearing and seeing what your universe is trying to tell you?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mind, Body, Spirit

A co-worker and I had a discussion on the connection between the physical self and the spirit. Both of us had been raised in one faith and now practice another; interesting I thought.

During the discussion I discovered someone who shared similar thoughts to mine when it comes to where the world is today as opposed to days gone by. I firmly believe that the majority of people suffer from a disconnect between themselves and their spirit. I believe this is why many people spend years aimlessly searching for something that was within them all along.

I think back to a time, not so very long ago, when it was almost taboo to admit to having no faith, no spirituality; no belief system. Now, it is almost taboo to admit to having one. When I mention going to church I sometimes get looks akin to someone noticing that I have three heads. Why is this?

Can we attribute the downward spiral of society to the disconnect of physical self and spirit? I think we can to a large degree. When I feel out of sorts and find myself becoming short tempered and less tolerable I know it is time to focus on my spirit. I would like to say that I get to church every Sunday, but I do not, I do however thank my God every day for all the blessings in my life. I remember to be grateful.

Perhaps if more folks could reconnect their physical self to their spirit we would see a happier world.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of Losing Self and Rediscovery

Soo, it has been a very long time since I have blogged anything. I really don't know why. I do know that I went through a rather rough time and sort of retreated into myself. I shut down as much as I could given the responsibilities I have.

Like a plant that flowers annually, I find myself entering a period of rebirth creatively. I can feel my inner self awakening; resurrecting. I am overjoyed. For a long period I felt as though I had lost myself forever. I now know that to be untrue. My innermost self was hibernating; rejuvenating and is now ready to emerge. Refreshed and renewed.

Sometimes we must be lost before we can be found. In the finding we learn who we truly are and where we are to be. Being lost was a lot like walking in fog, but now the fog has lifted and things have become clear. I welcome clarity.

I have missed my writing and look forward to what may come from within.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please Pray or Send Positive Thoughts

I don't know the following blogger, what I do know is that she is a Mom to 3 young children, has a husband, family and many friends who love her. Who want her to get better...

She recently suffered a very severe stroke and is hospitalized. I have seen the power of prayer and how when enough people come together for a common goal it can be accomplished. So pray...pray hard and long. Pray that this young woman comes back to her family, pray for her family and friends so that they may have the strength needed to endure this difficult time. Pray that her babies don't have to know life without Mommy.

Here is a link to AimingLow, a blog she is part of:

and her blog:

My prayers are being offered up for her recovery, please join me.