Thursday, October 15, 2009

How High are the bubbles Momma.... 10 ft high and risin'...

Last week I went to my Brother's house to watch his children while he and his wife went to Vegas. I was thrilled to be asked and looked forward to the trip.

My Brother does well and I am very proud of the life that he and his lovely wife have created for themselves, they have 3 well-behaved, beautiful children, a wonderful home, complete with requisite dog.

I had much fun playing with the kids and doing what needed done. On my last night there I thought I'd treat myself to a bubble bath in the en suite. Now, before we go any further, let me just say that I have a jet tub in my house and I always use bubbles with no adverse effects!

I wanted to have the fireplace on while I soaked, YES I said fireplace, but the pilot light was not lit and I figured I'd best leave well enough no fire. No worries!! The tub was huge and inviting. Three bottles of bubble bath lined the ledge around the tub. Aha!!!! I'll try this pomegranate/vanilla one!

So as the tub was filling I drizzled in a small amount of bubble bath. I was giddy with anticipation!!! I couldn't wait to sink into that bad boy and turn the jets on.

I checked on the children, all was well. I got my daughter all settled in and entered the en suite ready to relax.

I stripped out of my clothing, piled my hair into a messy bun and stepped into the tub.

Aaahhhhhh ....that was the sound of the sigh escaping my lips as I lowered myself into the water, run to the perfect temperature. The decadent scent of the lovely bubbles wafted upward. Then I had to figure out how to turn the jets on. My tub has a switch on the wall, yeppers, oooold school...this tub was electronic with a touch pad. After much derision (I was scared I'd wreck something) I figured it out and the jets were away!

What I didn't realize is that this tub isn't really jets per say, but a whole lot of tiny little holes that blow air in the water. As I was settled back reading my book I failed to notice the rising level of the bubbles. When they began to overtake my face and my hands I realized that something was amiss. I looked up from the text in horror!

The bubbles were higher than I was in the tub. I had visions of them spilling over everywhere, I didn't know what to do. So I pressed the off button. And I sat there...pondering. I thought, well, surely they can't go any higher, so I turned it on and once again settled back with my book. Yeeeeaaahhh, I was a wee bit wrong on that thought. Higher they went. I turned it off. Slumped back, tossed my book over the side, picked up my tea and had a sip then gnawed on a nail. What the eff was I going to do... had I done something wrong... had I *gasp* wrecked something. Then I started to do what I do when I'm confronted with an uncomfortable thought... I began to giggle and then laugh at the absurdity of the situation. I called my daughter in to see. She walked in, stopped dead and said "what the....?" After shared laughter she walked out.

I got out of the tub and dried off. I drained the water. I looked at the tub still filled to half with bubbles and began to panic. Crap, crap ... CRAP!!!! Thankfully there was a retractable shower nozzle by the tub faucet (thank you whoever designed this!) so I ran cold water through the nozzle and began spraying the bubbles. They didn't seem to be shrinking. I kept spraying. They were STILL there. Suddenly a horrific noise filled the en suite and bubbles flew up and out of the tub.... I was stunned. What was going on??? Then I looked at the touch screen and saw the words "drying cycle"... are you kidding me!!!! I found the off button and shut it down... but drying cycle was still blinking. Man, this process best hurry up I thought as I wiped the sweat from my brow. Finally after what seemed like hours the bubbles were gone, the tub was clean.

Let the drying process begin!!!

I cleaned up the rest of the mess and went to bed.

Next time I'll light the pilot light!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I broke it :o((

Last Friday I was making calls to arrange the transfer of my utilities for when we move (downsizing to a smaller, cheaper place ... moving sucks!!). I went to stand up, slipped and landed with my hand on the right hand corner of my laptop....HARD... right where the hard drive is housed.

It froze. It won't turn on.

I took it to a computer shop, they say the hard drive is fubar'd. When I took it to them it wouldn't do anything, when I brought it home it will turn on enough to tell me that a kernel file ( I wrote down the file name) is missing or corrupt. I want my files from the My Documents folder. I have tons of stuff, mainly photos that I stupidly did not back up *cry*. I have a buddy in Edmonton who says that he has a friend who does data recovery for a living and that he might be able to help me... I certainly hope so. However, I have to wait until I get to Edmonton at some point or until the dude comes down this way... and let me tell you patience is not my strong point!!

I didn't realize how very attached I had become to my laptop until I found myself chained to the PC again. Ohhhh Laptop... how I miss thee!!! Since I have been out of work since the end of June I don't foresee a new laptop anytime in my immediate future, and since the original plan for me was to buy a mac book the next time I purchased a laptop, I envision myself waiting even longer. *sigh*

Unless of course, some big apple exec reads this and decides to take pity on me ... it's my birthday soon ... I'd sure like a mac book!!!