Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Remember the geese, the pretty geese, from my previous entry

They are kind of peaceful to look at aren't they?

What I failed to show you, however, was this guy:

This guy here, he's the a-hole of geese.
He's the arrogant, goose jock.

He locks the weaker geese in their goose lockers and gives them goose wedgies.

He certainly does not share well, in fact ....when I was feeding the geese bread crumbs to get them closer so I could snap photos of them, he was very rude to the other geese. I wanted to spank his wee goose bum and send him to goosie time out. Here he is, waiting for the crumb

Ohhhh yeah this is good!

But wait... look behind the AJG (arrogant, Jock Goose), do you see it in the water. Let's watch and see what happens.

We heard there's some food here.... look out crumbs here we come.

Mmmmm, this is good...

ohhhhh nooooooo, AJG has spotted you.... RUN!!!!!

Shoo, Scram...Skedaddle!!!! Get out of here, this is MY food.... MINE I tell you!

And just so you don't forget I'm gonna chomp you in the tail feathers.

Now beat it... don't let me catch 'round these parts again.

Let me leave you with this final thought...
This guy.... this guy right here:

Yeah, him

He might look pretty, he may strut his stuff with all his goosie gander confidence, but remember...he's an AJG. He has the mind of an eagle, the stealth of a peregrine falcon and the cunning of a vulture. He is not to be trusted!!! Whatever you do, just walk away. Don't look him in the eye.

He's evil I tell ya... evil!!!


Debra W said...

Ha-ha Jenn, that is really funny! I love the photos and the commentary. There is one in every group, isn't there?


Mandy said...

David and I consider geese vermin.

There are so many of them in the parks around here that they can make the grass areas completely unplayable. Except for Chilco. Who eats the poop. MmmMmmm goodness.

Feel free to gag now! :)

Rebecca said...

Soooo...dumb American question of the day? Do you call them Canadian Geese? Or just geese? Kinda like ham = Canadian Bacon down here?

I love water fowl. So pretty swimming around. Looks like you had a great cookout. Jealous!

Jenn said...

I just call them geese. Come to think of it I don't think anyone looks up and says "look ... a Canadian goose". That must be an American thing, probably because they are native here and we see them a lot.

It was a great cookout. I can't believe you are leaving soon. I wish you could have come up here beforehand.