Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BBQ, Firepit and Snow...... Must be Canadian, eh?

On my first day off, 1 week ago, I purchased a new BBQ. I was soooo excited. I have been without a BBQ for a while. When I saw that deal that was to be had on this one I jumped at the opportunity (Regular price was $500, sale price $200).

I brought the HUUUUGE box home. Thank God for room mates, the box weighed over 200#. We manuoevered it onto my deck and there it sat until the next day.

I excitedly put the BBQ together, my mouth watering in anticipation of the rib eye steak I was going to grill that night.

I BBQ'd my steaks, melt in your mouth good!! The next day we BBQ'd chicken on it. Then....

Then the snow came. And came ... and CAME. In fact, today, five days later it is STILL snowing.

Last night I said "screw this" and I dug my new BBQ out and I grilled my chops.

Did I mention that I bought a firepit on the same day as the BBQ? It was Spring, the birds were chirping, the grass was greening.... I was ready to pull out the patio furniture.

Then the snow came.

Tomorrow I go back to work. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow.

Go figure...

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