Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stomach Aches, ER,... Sickly People ... Ohhhh My

Soooo I haven't really been feeling very bloggie lately, but here I am.

My daughter had her ultrasound last week (there's a big long story to that, however I am choosing not to bore you). As the tech was passing the "probe" over her intestines I could see HUGE bubbles, I mean, the girl is full of gas!!! So the tech tells me that is generally an indicator that the body is not tolerating something that it is ingesting. She commented that perhaps it is lactose, as that seems to be a common agitator in a lot of people. Nope, can't be that the girl drinks soy milk ever since her Dad and his g/f took her to see the homeopathic doctor last summer. Tech says that soy can be more intolerable for some people than lactose. So of course that gets me to thinking. Her stomach aches became worse and increased in frequency AFTER she started drinking the soy milk as recommended by the homeoquack, errrrrr I mean doc. So I told her NO more soy milk, bought some lactaid tablets for kids and she has been taking those prior to consuming anything dairy. Guess what .......SHE HAS NOT HAD A STOMACH ACHE!!!!! I feel AWFUL that I didn't clue into this before. Poor child.

A couple of days prior to her ultrasound her father had brought her and her sister home from a visit. I arrived home from work to find this child curled up on her bed in tears with a bad stomach ache. So off the the ER we went. We sat for 2.5 hrs without seeing anyone, amid sick, hacking, barking, puking people. Finally, I decided to go home as I was starting to become gravely concerned as to what we were being exposed to while sitting waiting. I want to know, why, when they have all these signs posted stating "if you suspect you have a respiratory illness, or if you are coughing....", don't they hand out masks as these people come in? But noooooo, let's share the wealth people, EVERYONE get sick, that's right, inhale those spittle particulates as they are coming at you Mach 9...yessssssss breathe deeply. Ahhhhh, ain't the ER grand.

Oh yeah, and here I am, on my set of days off SICKER THAN A DOG.... thank you ER sickies.

Now I must go and see about de-snotting so I can carry out my chores for the day.


Mandy said...

I hate ERs as I am a bit of a germophobe.

Glad to hear though that the stomach aches have been explained!

Jenn said...

Well so far it is looking like it was the soy milk. Tana even seems a bit surprised by the fact that she hasn't had a stomach ache since going off the soy.

I too am soooo glad they have abated.

Rebecca said...

I am so happy you found out what was causing the stomach aches!! Poor thing. I am so glad she feels better.