Monday, April 21, 2008

My Kitchen...Imagination Station

I went grocery shopping yesterday and while I walked down the seafood aisle I noticed ground salmon. Interesting, ground salmon. I picked up a couple of packages, thinking I can find something to do with this.

I came home and unpacked my groceries. I looked at that ground salmon and started thinking.

I decided I make homemade fish cakes for my girls, instead of the frozen crap that is pre-chewed and then pressed together prior to being breaded. I hate mechanically separated meats, it always seems to "regurgitated".

This morning my youngest, slug girl, mentioned that she needed new undies. While I was shopping for those I wandered around the store. As I aimlessly went up and down the aisles I had a thought, an idea ...I KNEW just what I was going to do with that salmon.

I raced to the canned meat aisle. I picked up a can of cocktail shrimp and a can of crab meat.

Once I arrived home I got busy.

I mixed the ground salmon, crab and shrimp together. I sprinkled some black pepper, some dill and a little bit of celery seed, along with finely diced celery and thinly slice green onion into the fish mix. I combined it all. Then I added one egg to provide binding, and some fine bread crumbs. I mixed it all together.

I sprinkled some bread crumbs onto a plate, into it I mixed a bit of seasoning salt, some black pepper and some dill into it.

Taking some salmon mixture I formed a patty, which I then coated in the bread crumb mixture. I repeated the process until all the salmon mixture had been used.

I pan fried them in butter (fattening but ooohhhhh so good) until they were crispy golden brown. Sooooo tasty.

Now they will go into the freezer for yet another make ahead meal for the girls.

I like being inventive. I have never seen ground salmon before, but I will be buying it again.

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Rebecca said...

mmmm that sounds good. I am jealous I wasn't there! You are an amazing cook.

Love the new layout and I can't believe it SNOWED. But it snowed here today in Utah. Because God hates me. So if you are going to hell for laughing when people get hurt, well I'm not sure what I did, but evidently I'll be there too.

We'll be having the most fun!!!