Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Will I Be When I Die?

I have never claimed to understand where my thoughts go, or why they go where they do ... I just go with it...

Today I was laying in bed, happily anticipating the nap I was planning to have when my thoughts started swirling, and I wondered, "Who will I be when I die?"

Sounds silly doesn't it. I dissected my thoughts. What my inner self was really asking is, am I living my life the way I want to be remembered when I am gone. Am I treating people in a manner that they would truly miss me if I wasn't here? Am I someone who is making a positive impact/difference in the lives of others? Am I living up to my full potential? Do I practice kindness and humanity? Do I genuinely care about my world and those in it? Do I practice optimism as opposed to pessimism? Do I see the beauty and remember to stop and smell the roses? Do I take enough time to truly enjoy my world? Do I remember to Am I truly living or just going through the motions, one minute at a time?

I wondered, will I be one of the ones whose demise causes those around them, those who knew and loved them to say with a smile, "Ahhh, she was one of the good ones, she will be missed." Or, will they speak in hushed whispers behind upheld hands "Not to speak ill of the dead...but..."

I want to be the first scenario. While I may not always succeed I try to be that person.

Who will you be when you die?


Rebecca said...

Well from your interaction with me, and your life's activities, I think you are well on your way to being that person.

I think the fact you want to be that person means you are!

Debra W said...


I can feel your spirit and it is a very kind, generous and thoughtful one.

I think that as long as we are trying to hit the target when it comes to doing good in this life, then we are doing the best that we can with each passing moment. We all slip from time to time, but the main thing is, that we care and that we try to learn from the misses.

"Who will you be when you die?" That is an awesome question. Like you, I hope to be someone who leaves a positive mark on this world.

Big hugs,