Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Recently I ordered a book on ebay about scrambling. Scrambling is the summiting of smaller mountains by hiking/climbing using hands & feet. This is an activity I would like to take up this year. I've been researching safety and courses I should take to ensure my safety. I've also found two books outlining various scrambles, access and egress to them in areas not far from where I live. I bought topographic maps and have been reacquainting myself with my orienteering skills just in case my GPS unit were to fail.

One of the two books outlining routes was the one I found on ebay for a good price, so I bought it. I have been waiting for it's arrival and today there was a parcel box key in my mail box. So with much anticipation I opened the mail box and found ..... empty envelope. I can see where it's been cut open. Why deliver an empty envelope?

I have contacted the seller regarding this because I have never encountered this problem in any ebay transaction before. Now I sit awaiting their reply. I have paid for a product I have not received, but who is the responsible party? I do know this, it will be a long time, if ever, that I shop on ebay again. I can't afford to be tossing my money away so someone else gets a free product.

Very disappointing.

PS: I have thought maybe customs however, they generally tape a pkg back together and make a note on the pkg so you know it was they who were into it. So I've ruled that out. The pkg was clearly marked as to what the contents were as well. Grrrrr

UPDATE: I received a response from the seller, they are as flabbergasted as I am and have never experienced this before either. I contacted Canada Post and the selller will contact USPS ... so hopefully something will be determined. I am not holding my breath. I made sure the seller knew that I did not blame them in anyway. I am disappointed however at the dishonest people that reside in our world, I have never understood how you can take what is not yours and live with yourself. I do hope they find the person/s responsible....isn't tampering with/stealing mail a federal offense?


Rebecca said...


And in the U.S. tampering with mail is a federal offense. People suck sometimes! I guess they have a real sense of entitlement (to others' things!)

I had a friend steal money from me, it broke my heart. I would have given them the money if they asked for it. I just don't understand it.

In other news, the scrambling sounds awesome! You are one tough lady.

Matt said...

I guess the other concern is where/when did it get sliced open -- could've some taken it from your mailbox, removed the book, put it back?

One of my cousins dated a guy for a while who had, in a previous life, made a very good living on identity theft in NYC.

Irony being irony he ended up doing IT at a casino, which is about as high security as I can think of.

Jenn-n-n said...

to get into our mailboxs you would have to either have a key or destroy the box.

Jenn-n-n said...
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Debra W said...

Wow, Jenn, this is very disconcerting! I do hope that there will be a resolution.