Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Child's Plea

I don't usually share anything I've written on here (aside from my random blog posts which ARE written by me, I'm sure you know what I mean), but a member of my writer's group encouraged me to post this one so I am. I was inspired to write this after hearing the verdict of Penny Boudreau, the mother who killed her daughter, Karissa, in Bridgewater, NS.

This is by no means Karissa's story, it is written for all children who suffer at the hands of those who are supposed to love and care for them. It is written in the hopes that some day children will not know this sort of evil. Rest In Peace Karissa.


A Child’s Plea

When I was in utero
You smoked and drank and used
It all affected me
It hurt
I cried
“Mommy don’t…”

When I was an infant
You ignored my cries
Leaving me all alone
I was frightened and insecure
I cried
“Mommy don’t …”

When I was a toddler
You were not patient
You yelled and
You struck
It hurt
I felt unloved and unwanted
I cried
“Mommy don’t …”

As I got older
Your indifference grew
Displeasure a frequent visitor to your face
Love you did not show
I was a burden
No place for me in your world
A growth you had to remove
As you tightened the twine around my neck
I cried
Tears rolled down my face in a silent, heartfelt
“Mommy don’t …Please don’t”

Copyright © JLChristman
Jan 31/09

**Inspired by the murder of Karissa Boudreau, Bridgewater, NS**


Rebecca said...

Tragic story.

Evil is a good word for it. Pure evil.

Thanks for sharing, it's a beautiful tribute to these little ones.

Debra W said...


Reading that made my heart ache. Thank you for giving a voice to those who cannot yet speak.