Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winter Doldrums

Recently the weather had changed and most of our snow was gone. I was rejoicing, I had Spring Fever. I bought a new GPS, some scrambling books and topographic maps.... I was preparing for my spring/summer activities.

However, Old Man Winter (ohhhh how I'd love to chop his nads off, shove them where the sun don't shine and kick him repeatedly in the ass for good measure) decided to have another go at us. It snowed and snowed AND SNOWED yesterday. It was thick, sticky, wet snow. Then the temperature dropped so all the wet snow iced up underneath causing havoc on the roads. I was out shovelling at 10 PM because I am a good resident and I like to keep my sidewalks clear for those who walk on them.

Old Man Winter (the bastard), however, decided that the snow wasn't enough. Nooooooo, he had to send bitterly cold, gusting winds. Winds that steal your very breath the second you step outside. Winds that freeze uncovered skin numb in seconds. Winds that blew all the nicely shovelled snow all over, covering the clean sidewalks with drifts of spiteful snow. Winds that caused drifts to pile up on our roadways making driving a real treat. Winds that cause one to become very cranky, and VERY SICK OF WINTER.

I am sick of winter. Sick of the shovelling, the scraping, the freezing, the bundling... sick of the dirty white snow that litters the sides of our streets. I am sick of looking outside and seeing white, white BLAH WHITE.

I want color. I want to see buds on the trees. I want to see blue water and blue sky. I want to see lush green grass. I want to hear the birds chirping in the morning. I want to feel the sun beating in my window in the morning.


.... and sometimes I put make-up on just so I won't cry.



Matt said...

Was Old Man Winter born?

Calling him a bastard implies that (plus illegitimacy :) )

Then again, what is Jesus?

Jenn-n-n said...

Let's not get philosophical... allow me my rant.