Saturday, January 31, 2009

Positive vs Negative

Yesterday I slept in BADLY!!! Normally on a work day I am up by 05:00ish. I like the quiet time. The time to sit and procrastinate and dawdle enjoy my coffee whilst reading my newspapers online. It is a time that is all mine, usually. However,yesterday when I opened my eyes at the sound of an incessant beeping I realized it was 0705. The beeping I heard was my daughter's alarm clock!! YIKES!!!!

Since I normally leave the house at 07:30 in order to be at work by 08:00 I was panicked. My old self would have been mad, I would have allowed this event to set the course for my day. That was my old self though, I am working on becoming a better, more zen person. So I took a deep breath and decided that I was going to turn that negative into a positive, I made it into a personal challenge. Would I be able to get ready and be at work on time???

I had a shower (albeit quick, but I can't function without one), drank my coffee on the run, threw my lunch and supper together, whipped up a to-go breaky, kissed the girls and ran out the door.

I made it to work at only 1 minute late!!!

I'm finding that I am turning negatives into positives more and more lately. When I first began this journey it took conscious effort to do... now I find myself doing it with no thought at all. I am much happier and much more stress free.

Life is good!!

What do you do with the negatives in your life?


Shania said...

Unfortunately, I piss and moan and whine about the negatives. Then I find someone to blame for it.

I'm kidding (mostly).

Rebecca said...

Hmmm, good question!

I can usually find something good about things, but sometimes that takes time. I will have to ponder this more! I am glad you asked.

Debra W said...

Jen, I just read this and found myself feeling the lighter way that you are trying to focus on! I think that's great. As I mentioned to you in an email, I know that there is a softer soul inside of you.

What do I do with the negatives? I try to view them as lessons from which I am supposed to be learning something. I try not to focus too much on the "Why me?" aspect of the bad stuff, but rather, the "What should I be learning from this?" Sometimes, when I am running late for something, I try to calm myself down by thinking about the idea that I might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time had I been someplace just a minute or two earlier. I try to view the obstacles as things that are supposed to happen.