Friday, February 8, 2008

Roaring fires, hot chocolate ........ Damn it's cold!!!

Yesterday the weather was rather nice for a winter day. Today I woke up to blustery winds, snow swirling and bone chilling cold. GRrrrrrr. I am soooo tired of winter.

Perhaps I wouldn't be so tired of it if I had someone to cuddle with. Days like today are meant for cuddling in front of a roaring fire, with a cup of liberally laced hot chocolate. Maybe a big bowl of popcorn too and a movie on the tv.

For people like me, who have no one to cuddle, it's just another DAMN COLD DAY!!!!

If I didn't have to go out in this crappy weather it might not be so bad, however I have promised my daughters haircuts today; and since I am in class for the weekend, we have to go today.

If you think you see the Michelin Man's sister out there today, have no fear, it's just me... trying to stay warm.

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