Monday, February 4, 2008

This is one fruit best left to the dragons...

Every once in a while I decide that I'm bored with the same old foods and fruit. This is when I shop around to find things I don't normally eat, or haven't tried before. This week it was "try a different fruit" week.

I bought a pomelo, a papaya, a starfruit and a dragon fruit. The dragon fruit looked sooooo pretty. Fushia colored skin drew my eye, the pretty petal like folds that occurred around it on the skin made me think of a delicate rose. I excitedly brought my new fruit home.

Of course, never having had this type of fruit before I did a little googling to find out how to eat it. How simple, I thought, you just cut it and eat the innards with a spoon. The picture I saw on the internet had a gorgeous deep red colored flesh in the center, dabbled with tiny black seeds. It looked yummy!!

The next morning I thought ooooohhhh I'm going to take some of my new fruit for a snack at work. I carefully cut the dragon fruit in half, almost hating to ruin the pretty exterior of it. I was somewhat surprised when I noticed that the flesh inside was white with black seeds. It looked like petroleum jelly full of tiny fruit flies..... how appetizing. Meh, whatever, I'd try it anyway. Cannot say you don't like something if you don't try it first.

Along comes the time that I'm feeling the need for a snack. Out comes the dragon fruit and spoon. I am again a little miffed that the inside of my dragon fruit is not the pretty red color I had seen online, but again, I'm brave, I'll try it. I swirl the tip of the spoon in the center, creating an almost perfect circle. I take this soft flesh into my mouth. I allow my tongue to feel the mushy texture, then I chew, feeling the tiny seeds pop and crunch between my teeth; but wait... where's the flavor?? There doesn't seem to be a taste of any type. How bizarre. I try more bites, still no flavor. Mushy bland texture, crunching and popping as I chew. How odd.

This must be what black and white tastes like. Nothing. It's there, but not really.

Yes, this prettily packaged fruit will be one that I pass by on my next foray into the fruit aisle.

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Rebecca said...

That's awesome that you try new foods. I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. And how disappointing! Nothing that pretty on the outside should be that bland on the inside. Haha, your fruit was a blonde bimbo!!! :D:D:D