Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Girls First Love

My daughter messaged me at work today to say "Motherrrrrrrrrr you have flowers". Of course for the rest of my shift I was wondering who in the heck had sent me flowers.

I anxiously raced home to see. I was excited, it's not often that I get flowers, and last time I checked there was no one "in" my life persay that would send me flowers for the big V-Day.

I carefully unwrapped the bouquet.

I gingerly opened the card.

A huge smile spread across my face as I read the senders name....

Every little girls first love..... DAD!!!

My Dad, bless his soul, wasn't sure whether or not I had someone special in my life to send me flowers today, so he did.

There is no man that will ever be as special to me as my Dad.

His act of love made my day today, I am still smiling.

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Rebecca said...

Aw, that is very sweet! Dads are the best! I thought you were going to say it was from your kids.

Happy Valentine's Day! (Belated)