Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reality Check

Every morning I grab my coffee and sit down at the computer and read several online newspapers. One of which is the paper from home. I like to keep up on what's happening there; maybe I'm just nosey.... who knows!

Morbidly, I read the obits daily. I scan the names to see if I know anyone who's made their final journey. This morning I saw the name I recognized...a "boy" (I use the term boy because I never knew him as the man he became) I used to party with, hang out with on weekends (for as long as I dated his friend anyway). I remember him as a quiet sort, yet fun loving. Most of all I am remembering a certain rodeo dance where he and I shared the longest kiss surrounded by the cowboy hats of our peers held in a ring around our heads. I didn't know him any more than could be allowed given the circumstances surrounding our interactions; ok, the group of us were usually drunk on weekends.

He was 41, a mere two years older than I... wow.

If this doesn't bring your mortality to the forefront I don't know what will. I mean, seriously, I may be 39, but I still feel young and I have a lot of living left to do. How long before my clock of life reaches it's end? What a daunting thought. Will I have left things undone, or will I go with no regrets? No regrets... what a funny concept,

I think we all have that goal but as I've gotten older I've realized that it is a silly, almost impossible notion. Life is full of lessons designed to teach us and make us think/realize... there are always going to be things we "wish" we could have done differently (regret). So perhaps just striving to live the best life we can is the best course of action.

It seems as though everytime I hear of someone who has lived a life far too short, I think I should count my blessings. I should be more appreciative; less wanting Enjoy more; rush less. Talk less; listen more. Judge less; understand more. Stress less; relax more.

Life is short, no matter how long you are given. Make the most of your allotted time.

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