Monday, February 11, 2008

Love/Hate and Burn, Baby, Burn!!

There are many things I could claim to have a love/hate relationship with, but I think my workout is the biggest.

I have recently been doing Billy Blanks' Boot Camp missions (tae bo with resistance bands). Mission 1 was the hook, I mean it was a workout, but I didn't hate it. In fact, I embraced it.

Soon, it was time to begin Mission 2. I watched it through first so I'd know what to expect, it didn't seem too bad. I can do this!! I got ready, sneakers on, water at the ready, hair in pony... Let's go!!

First part, yep I'm sweating, but feeling good!! Let's work those triceps, c'mon, gimme one more set...

One more?!? Are you out of your freaken mind??? My arms feel like rubber, in fact I am pretty sure they are going to fall right off my body and run away, they hate me.

I grunt, groan and moan my way through the tricep, shoulder and deltoid work. MY GOOD GOD ...... it BURRRRRNNNNSSSSS!!! Ok, so Billy is telling me to make it burn, no problem there, any more burning and I'm sure to spontaneously combust.

Ohhhh thank God, we are moving to the lower body.

WHHHAAATTTT, he wants me to put BOTH bands on one foot??? Ok, this won't be so bad.
OH... more burn, great. Well make it burn, make it burn. That's right, you know what Billy, you can take your burn, go EFF yourself with your burn!!!!

Run in one spot, ok I am down with that. Knees higher, are you kidding me? Where should I put them?? Stuff them in my ears?? How freaken high am I supposed to get them? Faster, push harder ....... arrrgggghhhhh

Still, I perservere, I WILL complete this. I glare at the tv, I am HATING on BB HARD. Who does he think he is... make it burn indeed.I yell at him as I burn, I curse him and his workout. There are things I'd like to make burn right now, and let me assure you NONE of those things reside on my body.

I pant and huff and puff my way through. I can't believe my he... omg ... YESSSSSS ... Remove your bands. Stretch out the burn, stretch out the pain. Good workout.

I feel good, I feel like I've done something. I feel as though I am taking ownership over my body. Soon, when someone asks me "What's shaking?" I won't be so quick to answer, "Cellulite and flubber!".

I LOVE Billy Blanks!!!!!

Bring on Mission 3 .....


Mandy said...

When I lived overseas, I bought all the Billy Blanks Tae Bo workouts... they were cheesy, but I loved it.

I think I will have to dig them out for old time's sake and throw one in the VCR. Lord knows my body could use a better workout than the vacuum and laundry chores.

Rebecca said...

Good to know, I am always looking for new workouts as I get bored easily. Have you ever tried the Carmen Electra Fit to Strip 2? It's the workout dvd, not the strip dvd, and it's pretty tough, a nice routine for muscle strengthening (not for cardio, though).