Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Things

How easy it is to overlook the simple things in life, the little things that really give it meaning and make our experience unique from others. How easy to take for granted that which we already possess, how easy to turn a blind eye to the blessings already bestowed.

Hearing my daughters laugh, seeing their beautiful faces, having the time to play games and spend quality time with them... these are my simple things these days. These are my ever gentle reminders that all too soon these moments will be but memories locked in the vault of my heart. Treasures to be taken out from time to time, smiled over with a sigh and a tear; remembering.

I have become devoted to living in the "now", focusing on what is, not what has been or will be. I find my stress levels diminishing, my tolerance increasing and my happiness constant. Learning to appreciate what is and stop wanting what was or what may be has been a painful journey, yet it has been one I am ever grateful for. I have learned to see the value in the simple things.

It is amazing, the lessons the universe has to impart when we only just slow down and listen; when we simply shut our mouths and open our ears. When we open our eyes and minds to see what has always been here for us. As I am learning to enjoy the simplicity I find all around me I feel a calmness come over me, a oneness with my surroundings.

I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with, for all that I am able to give back.

What is your simplicity? Are you hearing and seeing what your universe is trying to tell you?

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Debra W said...

I am trying so hard to hear what the Universe is asking of me. There is simplicity in the listening.