Monday, March 16, 2009

Cute Stuff

Not much to say today... but I did want to share this because it is too funny.

I received a text from my youngest daughter today.

It said:

"Can I have a breado"

I'm reading it, thinking breado...WTF is a breado? I was sitting at my desk repeatedly whispering "breado" to myself trying to figure it out. My co-workers were poised to call the men in white coats ... we only live 25 minutes from the provincial mental hospital so they could have come quickly. I sounded like I was playing that game where you repeatedly say a gibberish phrase until it makes sense (can't remember the name of the game offhand).

Suddenly it made sense!!!!

Breado ... breado ....BREADO ...BURRITO!!!!

She wanted a burrito.


I texted back ...A burrito? Yes you may.

I call myself Mom.


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Debra W said...

Hi Jenn,

What an adorable story! I love the way that our kids think so phonetically!

Thank you for the extremely touching story you left on my blog today. It really stuck with me. You truly have a huge heart. I do hope that you win the bracelet!

Thank you also so much for thinking about sending me that heart shaped piece of seaglass. You are so sweet. Just the idea that you thought about me makes me happy. It sounds like the seaglass ended up in the exact place that it needed to go at the right time. I am glad that you gave it to your friend as it sounds like he really needed the reminder.

Big hugs,

Rebecca said...

This is such a cute story. She is a very smart girl to take a stab at a difficult word. She has a great mom!