Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stranded ...

I came to Calgary yesterday to attend a family get together at my brother's house. When I left my house the temperatures were balmy, very spring like. They remained so even after I go to Calgary. Then I heard news that horrified me... they had issued a winter storm warning. As I looked to the clear blue sky I thought surely they must be joking!!!

I went to bed with visions of this in my head:

I was anticipating the arrival of spring and all that I have planned. I could taste it ... it was sooooo close. The snow was melting, the air was warming, the geese were back and I could hear the beautiful chirping of the birds who had been missing for so long.

In fact, on the drive to Calgary and once we had arrived I couldn't help but notice the barren brown of theland. It needs to green up soon I thought... the time is here!!!
I wouldn't allow my spring dreams to be dashed by a mere weatherman's bleak outlook, I mean really how often are they right, and hadn't we had enough winter.... hadn't we????

So I went to bed.

I awoke.
My brother grilled our dinner on here last night....
There was no snow on this deck yesterday...NONE...NOT ONE FLAKE...

I wanted to run and hide. I wanted to scream and gnash my teeth. I wanted to sit down and cry rivers of tears. This storm effectively stranded me in Calgary. The highways are not in good condition, my truck is too light and frankly, I'm not brave enough to chance it. I was supposed to be seeing my boyfriend tonight, however that may not happen because I can't get home :o((
I know that being safe is more important and there will be other days to see him... but seriously ... winter needs to get lost ...NOW!!!!
I've had enough. I am cranky now. I am tired of white. I want color.
And this tree... this one right here:
Yeah, it was ready to weep this morning as well. It too wants winter to GO FAR AWAY!!!! It wants to spring forth with it's many buds and color the world a happy green.

I am so sick of winter.

If I call you Calgon ...will you take me away??


Rebecca said...

I can't believe all that snow, after all that sunshine! I would feel so betrayed. I agree with your sentiments!

Matt said...

The deepest snow I've ever driven through* was the April Fools Day storm here in New England...well over 20" of snow over night. I was plowing a few inches off the top going down my sister's driveway. Roads where actually in great shape since the pavement had warmed up already for the year so the salt was super effective.

*Through being an operative word. I've had deeper amounts I didn't make it through :) There was this one time I stepped out and my leg sunk up to my crotch. You know it's gonna be a long day...

Matt said...

blerg...I was plowing a few inches off the top with the bumper of my S-10 pickup is how that was supposed to read :)