Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I could just kick myself right now. It is 01:23, and my alarm is set to go off at 05:15...and I'm still up. It is probably my own fault to some degree, I drank an extra large double double at my writing group tonight. That probably wasn't a good idea, however, it usually doesn't affect me to this degree.

I have been suffering restless legs tonight as well. I worked out yesterday and my muscles have not been liking me all day. I decided this excess weight has GOT to go NOW!!! Sometimes I fantasize about taking a knife and cutting the excess flubber off, whittling and sculpting until I'm happy... but seriously that's gross and I would never do that. I just think about it.

Right now I'm thinking about how tired I'm going to be tomorrow. I'm annoyed that I'm not sleeping yet.

What do you do when you can't sleep? Obviously I turn the computer on and sit in the dark, blogging.


Matt said...

That's a normal state of condition for me...even AFTER I did away with the caffeine. :(

Jenn said...

I am sooooo tired today Matt!! It will be bedtime shortly for me that's all I have to say about that.

Matt said...

Yeah, I'm headed off...set the alarm for 4am. Need to catch up on some work...

Mandy said...


Send me your address via email so I can mail you your chocolate!

Mandy :)

Debra W said...


Unfortunately, because of my illness, I have to take ambien in order to sleep, but even that doesn't help sometimes. I have Restless Legs Syndrome on top of the Fibromyalgia, so my body tends to fight against the rest that I need. I usually fall asleep with headsets on listening to talk radio. It seems to keep my mind distracted enough from other things. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I turn on my small book light and read until my eyes become heavy. Sometimes I fall asleep while reading, and the book falls over! Pretty funny. Have you ever tried doing any relaxation exercises? Those seem to work fairly well too.

Be well!