Saturday, June 7, 2008

Assume = Me U Ass

In my prior rant blog today I made an assumption that was unfair to someone.

Without going into details, as they are too personal to share, I had a wee bit of a neurotic insecure moment. I allowed past slights and hurts to rule my head/emotions when it came to someone else. (My opinion of the Internet dating world remains unchanged however, but the catalyst for that blog does not deserve that judgement)

Fortunately this individual recognized where the fears were founded and what prompted them. This individual even went so far as to say that this was part of who I am, part of what he treasured and respected in me... he referred to it as my battle scars.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Assuming, jumping to conclusions...leaping before looking, whatever you want to call it usually leads one in the wrong direction.

It is definitely time to bite the bullet and take a leap of faith. It's not truly risk taking unless you let go of all past fears and hurts. I have to believe that not all men are the same and there truly ARE good ones left. It is now time to take that step snd trust, insecurities and all...because in the end, you just might be pleasantly surprised!

Thank you PEL, you are amazing!

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