Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tangled and Jumbled

This is how I feel right now:

Tangled and jumbled and pulled into a billion different directions. I feel like I'm branching out all over and not really coming together.

I am constantly reminding myself that there is light through the maze. That soon I will feel peace and serenity once again. This is a crazy time and I find myself losing to the chaos at times.

I want to feel the way this picture makes me feel:

Calm and content. Relaxed.

Soon I will feel this way again. Only a few more weeks of chaotic living. Of feeling like I need to be super woman, in fifty different places at once.

Are you sure none of you would like to help?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I would like to help! Whatever I can do, let me know. Probably just good thoughts for you, but they are there.

Thank you for the all the support you have been to me through the you-know-what tough times. The fact you have listened to me on top of everything else going on in your life makes me feel very guilty and whiny, but also very grateful! You always say the thing that I need to hear. I promise, no more talking about it needed.

Good luck with the rest of the moving!