Friday, October 3, 2008


I hate moving. I've been packing for the last couple of days ... I'm sick of it already, but I have a long way to go yet.

How do we end up with so much shit tucked away in cupboards, closets and drawers?? I seriously need to downsize and get rid of some crap.

Thankfully I already have keys to the house we are moving into and am able to cart stuff over as it's packed. Today we took a truckload over and tomorrow we'll do the same. This is a bonus because I REALLY detest living amongst boxes.

I will be hit and miss for posting on my blog for the next little while, however I am finding time to read my faves. If I am gone for longer than a month please send a search team, I've fallen into a box and was not able to get out.

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Rebecca said...

Okay, I am a bad friend and got behind on my blog reading, so I am going to say a few things at once here:

BOO HISS about your license plates!!! That is really, really unfair. I am so sorry. I wish I had a resource for info/help to give you. I hope this works out sooner rather than later.

I am so glad you found a place to live without a roommate. He sounds AWFUL. It really sucks you have to get a second job, but this is one more example of what a wonderful mom you are, that you are sacrificing so your daughters can live in a safe and happy environment. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that this move goes well and the plates work out. If I were closer, I would come help you pack! I know how tough it is. And yes I will definitely send a search party. I am sure the crusties would be all over it, anyway. People miss you a lot when you are gone! Take care and take lots of breaks!