Saturday, October 25, 2008


We are all moved, well pretty much. There are still a few odds and ends at the old place, along with the cleaning. My wonderful roommate left all the cleaning for my girls and I... this includes all the leaves that need to be raked in the backyard. Oh well, I suppose that means ALL the damage deposit that gets returned will be mine. I shouldn't really be surprised at his leavings.

I was slightly annoyed bordering on a healthy rage when I found garbage and empties belonging to him left in the basement, but got over it as there's no point in being angry. Anger is not going to clean it up, the girls and I are.

We spent my entire week off moving and making sure the new house was unpacked enough to provide the girls with a feeling of home when I went back to work on Wed. Sleep, rest and relaxation were things I could only dream of, in fact, it was like I had to come back to work to get rest. Now I'm back and I can't wait for my days off. I am exhausted. It requires great effort just to remain upright and keep my eyes open. At this point any action taken is a huge exertion.

There will be no rest for me until after the 29th (that's the first day off in the next set of days off and will be the day I will spend cleaning the old place), but let me tell you ... as soon as the rug shampooer is gone on the 30th I am going home and curling up into the fetal position and then I am not moving for the next few days.

I know that won't happen because I am a driven person and there is still much to unpack, however, I am going to rest on the 30th. I need a day to step back, to find myself again and my inner peace. I need to relax. Right now I feel like I have been going mach 9 forever and my engine is screaming .... STOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!

I also wonder, if I'm feeling this exhausted, how must my girlies be feeling? They worked so hard this past little while. Without their help we would still be in between homes. I am definitely blessed to have such wonderful children. I am so proud of them, they worked steadily and without complaint. They saw tasks to be done and they did them. They will be receiving a well deserved treat...I'm just not sure what yet. I have amazing girls!!!

As I sit here, bleary eyed, feeling like I haven't slept in years.... I can't help but think the 30th can't come soon enough.

PS: I am blogging from work because my home internet is not yet hooked up, but that in itself is a whole other story. Gotta love Telus, and that's all I have to say about that (for now)


Rhea said...

That's nice you can get some blogging in at work. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I'm hoping you can get lots of rest on the 30th!

Rebecca said...

hey jenn, I am sorry you are so exhausted. I will keep my fingers crossed for you you get some really good rest beginning the 30th. So close! Hang in there. I am glad you got moved okay. Cleaning, ugh, it never ends. What a jerk to leave you with all of that! Sounds like your girls have learned from a hard-working mother. Hope you all get some fun rest and relaxation soon! take care of yourself...

p.s. no box yet but I am sure it is on it's way. The post office here is slow, but reliable.

Matt said...

It's the 30th, are you resting?

(Well, at least on the east coast for us insomoniacs it is :D )