Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Know What ...Eff You and Your Crappy Attitude Too

In my line of work I deal with a lot of different people on any given day. Most of the people I speak to are men. Men who work in a very macho industry. Men who should be able to buck up, suck up and carry on. However, they are among the whiniest, pickiest, bitchiest group of people I have encountered.

When I am taking a message for my co-workers I strive to obtain as much information as possible so that a) the person receiving the message can be fully prepared when returning the call and b) the person making the request is being given the best service possible.

It really frustrates me when I am given a healthy dose of assholism when I ask for a last name, a phone number, reason for calling, etc. Why is it so hard for people to be polite and professional when conducting business. Why do these so called men throw kindergarten style tantrums when they can't have what they want right this second? Why do they ALL seem to think that they are the only customer we have, that they are the end all and be all to our business existence? I mean really, they can correct rectal cranial inversion can't they?


"I'm sorry they are on the phone right now may I take a message and have them return your call??

"*big sigh* ... I suppose it's blah blah with blah blah blah."

"May I have your last name please"

"It's the same as it was yesterday."

*silence* on my end

"You have no come back for that"

"No sir I don't. They like me to get last names when I take a message"

"Well my last name is too long, it gets butchered so I will just use my first name"

"Ok thank you, have a nice day."

*last name... same as yesterday... ok DICKHEAD it is*

Some days I WISH I could just say the retorts that pop into my head when these guys let their inner asshole roam wild and free. Why... WHY must I keep my inner bitch locked up and piped down? Perhaps someday, when I no longer see the need for employment I will unleash her and let her have her way....*rubbing hands together in glee and giggling* YEEEESSSSSSSS that's what I will do!

I try, really I do, to see things from their perspective. Unfortunately I have not yet been successful at shoving my own head that far up my ass.

Some days leaving it all behind and moving to the top of a mountain, deep in the bush ... away from people, and shooting whoever trespasses into my serenity is attractive.


Black Hockey Jesus said...

I wrote a post called Shiva Nataraja about me & my son going off in a 7/11.

You should turn it into a running post gag where you get to say what you want to assholes.

Thanks for the link. Glad you're digging it.

Debra W said...


You are so funny! It is difficult to stay calm when so many people seem to be so ignorant!

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It really does help. You are very insightful and I appreciate your wisdom.