Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've heard it said that when we have pets they tend to "resemble" their owners in some way. I've seen photos of dogs that look like their owners in various ways, or perhaps it's their owners resembling their pets?? Meh, potato ...potahto. I once knew a woman who had a small poodle, her hair was always tightly permed and she really did look like her dog... weird.

We have a cat named Charlie. Charlie is Himalayan and absolutely gorgeous. However,like us all, Charlie has a few faults. He is slightly cross eyed, I have an astigmatism; he has really big paws, I have feet leaning to the larger size. Actually, I want to mention that Charlie seems to have an extra "toe" on each of his paws, I have no extra toes. He also walks "heavy". You can seriously hear this cat walk, I have been told that I walk like an elephant. When his nails get too long he sounds like he's wearing kitty stilettos, I don't wear stilettos. Charlie meows quietly, I am not so quiet. Charlie purrs on occasion, so do I.

Whatever his short comings, Charlie is a great pet wonderful addition to our family. We love him dearly, and we couldn't imagine life without him.

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Debra W said...

He is beautiful and so are you, Jenn! It's very hard to call our furry family members "pets", isn't it? I don't like the term "pet" either. It makes them seem less important than they really are to us.

Great post!