Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going Home

I've been away. I went home because my Dad was under the weather, although he is on the mend now. I will blog more about my Dad in another entry, I am still polishing what I want to say.

While I was at home I saw my son!! So exciting. Look here he is:

Isn't he handsome!

He came over and had dinner with us at my Dad's. We had a good visit. We talked, we cleared the air somewhat. I have a better understanding of what's on his mind, he has a better understanding of what's on mine.

I am still heartbroken that he is moving to Vancouver Island, but I understand that it is something he has to do. It is a part of his growing experience. Now I have more incentive than ever to get out there again. I will miss him like crazy.

I am so proud of this young man. He has a heart of gold, he has a good head on his shoulders and he is extremely intelligent. He is still searching for his "place" in this world, but I'm sure that once he finds it he will shine brightly.

Go, be who you have to be, seek what you must. Always be true to yourself and who you are. Excel in what you do. But above all else never forget you have a family who loves you dearly and counts the minutes until they see you again. Remember your roots, where you come from.

Keep in touch.

I love you my Son!!!


Rebecca said...


Yes, he is very handsome! And he is your son so of course he is intelligent with a heart of gold!! :D

So happy you had the chance to talk and clear the air a bit, I hope it is the first of many great conversations in the near future.

You are awesome!!!

Michelle said...

He is a very good looking young man. You know the old saying? A son is your son till he gets him a wife, a daughter is your daughter every day of her life.

Sounds like you talked some things out. That will make it easier to be apart from him. Still gonna be hard. I found you through Dayna's blog and your story touch a part of me.

I will be back to check on this. Take care.


Debra W said...

Oh Jenn, they really do own a piece of our hearts, don't they? I pray that your handsome son will find what he is searching for and that he remembers that he can always go home if he needs you.