Saturday, March 5, 2011


Recently a local columnist wrote a column regarding how people don't seem to dress up anymore. They are comfortable dining at an upscale restaurant outfitted in torn jeans, scrubby shirts and unkempt hair; oblivious to percieved rules of etiquette. I agreed with what he had written, having had similar thoughts myself upon occasion.

This week I had reason to actually have to go in to the bank, where I usually opt for the ATM or online banking this particular transaction required a teller's touch. As I stood in line I observed all the people, the tellers and the customers. As always it was a diverse bunch... the rugged outdoor workers, the pampered princesses, the probable drug users and the professional looking tellers. Perhaps that should read the professional looking tellers with the exception of the stripper wannabe.

She wore layers of tank tops with their colorful bottoms peeking out from beneath her tight cardigan; all of this atop skin tight pinstriped dress pants that rode up the crack of her bottom. Paired, of course, with sneakers... really, why not? As if this attire wasn't enough of an eye catcher sore, one was then treated to a view of her pushed up, accented by "bronzer" cleavage. Her cups definitely spill-eth over! I thought the old man she was serving was going to have a coronary, his stupor and slack jawed, drool induced gaze the sum of more than just old age I'm sure. His eyes followed her as though in a trance whenever she moved. When she stood it was chest up and out, stomach in and ass stuck back... ever seen a stripper walk?

All of this in the bank! A place where I was sure professionalism still reigned. Where the only casual day was indeed Friday. How sadly uninformed I am.

Professionalism, like manners and common sense, is dying. People no longer take pride in what they do, or what they look like. They put in their time... they exist...they just mechanically do. Like other taboos, dressing down has over taken dressing up and looking the part.

What happened? Can we get it back? I kind of miss people who give a damn!!!


Matt said...

>When she stood it was chest up and
>out, stomach in and ass stuck
>back... ever seen a stripper walk?

Yes, but only in those platform heels...not in sneakers!

Debra W said...

Maybe she is looking for a wealthy husband? Oy.

I hope that all is well with you, sweet friend. I wore my necklace the other day and I thought about you a lot. Thank you again for that beautiful gesture. It still means so much to me.