Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bucket List

I went and saw this movie today. Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors. I have never been disappointed by one of his movies and today was no exception. Jack Nicholson was also amazing in this film. If you go to see it I highly recommend having tissues on hand because if you are not shedding a tear or two at various parts you must be without feeling.

As I watched this movie I had to wonder...why do we as humans seem to wait for a "death sentence" to "live"? Why don't we have a "bucket list" all the time? We all have things we want to do, things we want to see; what are we waiting for?

Like Morgan Freeman's character I find myself looking back over the years and thinking, "WOW". I am amazed at how quickly time has gone by. The son I remember bringing home; I can remember the feelings and smells from that day; is now grown and on his own. I have worked more than I have played. I find it easy to sit here and justify it as having been out of necessity; but was it really? Could I have made different choices that would have eliminated some of the financial burden that seemed to have necessitated working as much as I have? Perhaps to some degree I could have, but as with everything I had a method to my madness.

I now want to enjoy life more while I can. I want to do things that I have always aspired to do. I want to enjoy my kids more and worry less about working. One thing I have learned from this life is that no matter what, things always work out as they are meant to in the end.

I will be taking some reflective time to create my own bucket list and God willing I will have many years in which to accomplish what ends up on that list.

When will YOU create your bucket list? What are YOU waiting for?

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Rebecca said...

I have not heard of this movie, I don't have cable/TV so I don't see a lot of ads, but sounds quite incredible and a great lesson. I shall make an effort to see it.

I get easily discouraged. It is one of the hardest things for me to overcome. Lately it seems to hit from lots of sides. So I take it that I must be on a good track, because if you don't ever try, you never get discouraged. Better to me discouraged than never accomplish anything. You know? So I gotta keep trying.

You are always so inspiring!