Monday, January 28, 2008

Disasterous Dating

I've been more or less single for 6 years. In the past 2 yrs I've decided to seriously "date" and hopefully meet my life partner. Life partner, that has become the most laughable thing in my life to date.

First, there was the guy who dated me for 3 months and couldn't seem to bring himself to do the deed. He ended up dumping me over the phone, after having been gone out of town for the weekend, supposedly collecting his father's belongings from a storage unit (silly me). Said he didn't have time for a relationship, yet he has texted me on occasion over the last 18 months. At one point suggesting that "maybe" we could have coffee sometime, said I should call him "during the day"; I just don't understand why he got offended when I questioned the "during the day" thing ...... I mean all I asked was did he have a wife at home that he was stepping out on. JERK

So I joined online dating. Oh what fun that's been. First guy from there, very damaged. We saw each other for a while, a short while. Great conversationalist, even better sex. Met his two bi-sexual friends who kept trying to pick me up, well one of them tried, the other one I think was confused. That was an experience ... one I'd rather live without repeating. Then he informs me that he's dumping me because his 26 y/o rebound romance (did I mention that he was 41?) had phoned him and wanted to try again. This idiot sat there, looking me in the eye, apologizing but asking me to understand as they just had this monumental "connection" that he'd never experienced with anyone before .........was deja vu for me as he'd said the exact same thing regarding me. I was hurt, but my faith in Karma was restored when the 26 y/o fling thing dumped his ass because he'd impregnated his 28 y/o confused bisexual friend. HAHAHAHAHA. JACKASS

Then there was the guy from work (first mistake), who was 8 years younger (second mistake, BIG ego boost) who decided after 3 months that he didn't want to date someone with kids. Now I realize that my keeping them duct taped in the closet for three months and then just springing them on him was probably not the best thing ....... ah hindsight. ASS.

Then there was the guy who was widowed, poor soul. Was left with two young boys to raise, oh how hard it was. Never gave me any indication that he was anything other than widowed, I could contact him whenever I wanted. Caught him in a lie, did a little digging (knew someone who worked with him) and found out he was Mr. Widowed-Not-So-Much. I'm sure he goes home each night on edge until he figures out what mood his wife is in...I asked him how she'd like to know that he was telling women she was dead so that he could get some. I would never phone, but I giggle when I think the cheating bastard will end up hanging himself. FAITHLESS PIG

Recently I had the pleasure of going for coffee with a really nice guy. We laughed, we joked, we conversed... we closed the coffee shop down and continued to talk in the parking lot. He asked if I'd like to do it again... why sure, of course. After 10 days (to credit him I had gone back on shift and didn't have days off again until day 10) he contacted me to ask if I'd like to go for dinner. Sure I would; Friday it is! I was excited, haven't had a date in 6 months, so I buy a new outfit. Talk to him on phone night before, all is great! Get all dolled up and ready to go. FORTY-FIVE minutes before we are to be eating he TEXTS me to say "I think I have to cancel, I'm just not feeling the chemistry". WTF Over??? I didn't even dignify his cowardice with a response. RUDE

I find myself thinking at times ... is it any wonder why some women switch teams ?! Dating as an adult is a whole different ballgame than dating as a teen/young adult. However, I can say this, the "boys" now sure try just as hard if not harder to get into your pants. Guess some things never change.

For now I am still holding out hope that someday I'll meet my Mr. Right; for now I'm happy and content with the status quo.

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