Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I broke it :o((

Last Friday I was making calls to arrange the transfer of my utilities for when we move (downsizing to a smaller, cheaper place ... moving sucks!!). I went to stand up, slipped and landed with my hand on the right hand corner of my laptop....HARD... right where the hard drive is housed.

It froze. It won't turn on.

I took it to a computer shop, they say the hard drive is fubar'd. When I took it to them it wouldn't do anything, when I brought it home it will turn on enough to tell me that a kernel file ( I wrote down the file name) is missing or corrupt. I want my files from the My Documents folder. I have tons of stuff, mainly photos that I stupidly did not back up *cry*. I have a buddy in Edmonton who says that he has a friend who does data recovery for a living and that he might be able to help me... I certainly hope so. However, I have to wait until I get to Edmonton at some point or until the dude comes down this way... and let me tell you patience is not my strong point!!

I didn't realize how very attached I had become to my laptop until I found myself chained to the PC again. Ohhhh Laptop... how I miss thee!!! Since I have been out of work since the end of June I don't foresee a new laptop anytime in my immediate future, and since the original plan for me was to buy a mac book the next time I purchased a laptop, I envision myself waiting even longer. *sigh*

Unless of course, some big apple exec reads this and decides to take pity on me ... it's my birthday soon ... I'd sure like a mac book!!!


Adventures In China said...

I always knew you were Wonder Woman, you don't know your own strength!

So sorry to hear about the laptop, that sucks. I hope it can be fixed.

Macbook is a dream of mine, too. A very distant dream!

Jenn-n-n said...

Yeah, at this moment it is a distant dream for me too. I kick myself and wish I would have went Mac a long time ago!!!!

ModernMom said...

Found you through Adventures in China! So sorry to hear about your laptop. Isn't amazing how attached we get. I was down right distraught when my cell phone broke!

Matt said...

Garg...that sucks.

I Apple had a mid-priced, small size laptop they would've been in the running when I picked up the infamous pink netbook.