Saturday, June 13, 2009

Opportunity Knocked and I Answered...Will You?

Recently a friend of mine and I were talking, she was telling me about this new venture she had found and how after only 3 months she was making enough to be able to quit her job (where she was not happy) and be at home with her son. I admit to being intrigued, I don't want to quit my job, but I sure would like extra income.

So I went over and looked at what she was doing and found myself impressed. Impressed enough to sign up and become a part of what she was doing.

She can go and work a farmer's market for one day and make $1000, so in essence if she wanted to she only has to "work" 4 times a month. She makes up baskets for special occasions and really markets herself well.

The company is called Mia Bella's, Premium Scented Gourmet Candles and Other Fine Gourmet Products. These candles are amazing, they are unlike any other you may have burned in the past. Allow me to show you a comparison:

Mia Bella Candles

Made from 100% vegetable oil, which is a renewable resource. Using renewable resources supports the economy.

Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.
We make one of the healthiest and most environmentally friendly candles available on the market today.

Burns clean, 90% soot FREE and are environmentally friendly.

More costly to manufacture but well worth the added expense.

Biodegradable and water soluble-spills clean up easily with a little soap and hot water.

Burns cooler therefore lasts up to 50% longer!!

Paraffin-Based Candle

Petroleum based by-product of gasoline refining which is manufactured from both foreign and domestic oil.

Emits 13 known toxins and carcinogens into the air while burning.

Emits high quantities of soot into the air that can damage your health and your homes interior.

Large manufacturers have profit motive for continuing to use paraffin-based waxes.

Non-biodegradable and non water-soluble. Spilled paraffin wax is difficult to clean, damaging carpets, clothing, furniture and floors.

Burns much hotter, therefore faster.

Mia Bella Products: Are extremely economical !!

Votive Candles: Average 15 burn hours !!
Jar Candles: Average 140 burn hours !!
Mia Melts: Average 35 fragrance hours !!

Body Care Products are concentrated so a little goes a long way !!!!

Soy Body Bars
– Better than ordinary soap! Use to shower, shave and shampoo!! For all skin types. Contains soy proteins to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier, repair the collagen and restore elasticity to mature skin. A must for travel !!

Bella Hand Wash - Contains white tea extract to keep your hands protected, soft and supple! Everyone will look forward to washing their hands! Pump included.

Bella Balm –As effective cream to treat cracked, chapped and dry skin without a greasy residue! You’ll love it !

Please visit:

These are scented right to the very bottom. The simmer pot we offer melts Mia Melts and the scent goes through your entire house. I could not believe how well scented these products are!!! Some candles claim to be scented all the way through, but are not, or the scent seems to get weaker the more you burn your candle, not Mia Bella's ...the scent lasts from start to finish.

If you are looking for a second income, or a way to earn money on the side without having to be out working another 8 hours for someone else... please join!! It is your business and you will get out of it what you put into it. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a distributor in your area please visit: and click on the "join" tab.

If you just wish to order some candles please feel free to order at my online store:

I am certain that once you try this product you will be as hooked as I am. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I have allergies and most other candles will bother me to some degree, these don't so that is another added bonus!!!!

We have also brought out a make-up line that... so be sure to check those products out as well!!

WHOA...can you tell how excited I am about this ... I can't stop talking about it !!!!

Check it out... try it.... I guarantee you'll like it!!!!


Adventures In China said...

Hey jenn, this is awesome!! I love these kinds of products. When I am back earning money again, for sure I will be ordered from you. I've used such candles in the past and you're right, there is no comparison to how much better they are. A bit more expensive up front, but you get so much more out of them they are cheaper overall.

I am addicted to non-toxic soaps, I love them!

Good luck with this! If I hear of anyone needing this kind of stuff, I'll direct them to your site.

Adventures In China said...

Also, great new layout! Looks very nice.

Jenn-n-n said...

Thanks Becca !!!!

Matt said...

Very cool. One of our members used to have a candle business out of her home (actually, above their garage). Best candles I've ever smelled!

I was so disappointed when she closed the business :(