Monday, December 15, 2008

Idiots, Morons and Mayhem ..... Otherwise Known as Winter Driving in Alberta

I am always astounded by the idiocy of people on the roads, but never more so than when it is icy winter driving conditions.

I drove my daughters to school this morning because it was -30 with a windchill of -41, and being the good Mommy that I am I didn't want them to freeze.

On the way we encountered the following:

The speedster "I have 4 wheel drive so I can go as fast as I want on glare ice" SUV

The "I'm gonna tailgate you cuz I don't need stopping distance" beemer; oh this was a dual personality driver, he was also the "I'm gonna turn across the lanes to the one I want because I am an ass", he almost drove into the back of me because I had turned legally into the lane closest to me and was performing a legal lane change when he turned.

The "I'm such a busy woman/heaven forbid I miss out on the latest gossip, I need to yack on my phone and turn the wrong way into the school drop off lane" mini van.

Lest we forget the "I'm turning RIGHT NOW (no signal, no warning)" sedan.

People are such morons. It's not winter conditions that cause accidents, it's morons who don't slow down, don't follow the rules of the road, don't pay attention and don't give themselves space and reaction time who do.

It's 09:30 and I want a drink..... and God help me but I have to go out amongst the moronic mayhem again soon.

*sigh* Is it summer yet?

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Rebecca said...


I just passed out from the thought of -41. I can't even imagine that kind of cold.

I pray your heat does not go out!